The Legendary Golden Church: La Compania

la Compania golden church

The Church of the Society of Jesus (la Compania) is Inspired by two Roman Jesuit is one the legendary churches in Quito because of its huge central nave, which is generously decorated with gold leaf, wood carvings and gilded plaster.

The architects of golden church Over160 years merged features of 4 architectural different styles, although the Baroque is the most noticeable.

Churrigueresque characterizes much of the ornamental decoration, especially in the interior walls; the neoclassical style gilds the Chapel of Saint Mariana de Jesus; finally Mudejar influence is seen in the geometrical figures on the pillars.

The floor design of the church makes a Latin cross, with northern southern and central arms; it has the conservative nave, presbytery, crossing, transept and entrance to the chapel, sacristy and sacristy.

The central nave was 26-meter high barrel vault constructed of brick and pumices. Also, golden roofs crowned the skyline.

The society of Jesus golden church was housed a school and obliged as the headquarters of the Jesuit order in Ecuador and after the ejection of the Jesuits from Ecuador by King Charles III in 1767, many texts architecture of the structure and describing the history were lost.