The increase of gold with the rise of euro and the dollar

Gold price technical analysis 7 - June 2013

Gold prices rose on Thursday to around $ 1700 an ounce after falling to its lowest level in a month this week, sparking a wave of bargain hunting with support from the Euro slightlyhigher against the dollar after the single currency recorded its lowest level in seven weeks in the previous day.

The rise in yellow metal after the rise of European stock markets on Thursday due totechnical factors and bargain hunting after stocks fell seven percent in five sessions.

Recorded in the latest gold spot transactions of  1697.30USD/Troy an ounce

And silver rose in the spot market during the 1% on Thursday to 32.01 dollars an ounce,but it is still on its way to record the loss by 6.3% in November

And platinum rose 0.2% to 1543.13 dollars, while palladium rose 6.0% to $ 585 an ounce.