The increase of gold in Asian trading

Gold prise is pushed up by the Comex market

Gold prices rose by 1% in Asian trading yesterday, extending gains from the previous session following the approval of Germany to strengthen the financial rescue fund to address the debt crisis in the euro area.

That the price of gold for immediate sale rose to about $ 20 to $ 59.1634USD/Troy an ounce

And U.S. futures rose gold 7.19 dollars to 1637USD/Troy an ounce.

Also increased the price of silver for immediate sale of more than 2 percent to 25.31dollars per ounce Havea the example of gold’s gains.

The price of gold had fallen in the last period of more than 5% and reached gold ouncesto 1628 dollars, which lost in the trading

New York $ 100 The price of silver collapsed and fell 15% and reached  30USD/Troy an ounce.