The gold price continues to rise due to increased demand

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013


Fluctuation of gold prices caused by economic crises, and disparities in the amount of gold compared to demand it before.
The gold prices fluctuate up and down as a result the economic crisis, as a result of lack of supply of gold and increasing demand, high and low exchange rate of U.S. currency and the impact of the euro area surrounding the economic crises.

In the event of a fall in gold prices is the decline of my time, and in the future will continue to rise, the large number of uses in industrial and jewelry, as well as the adoption of a global central bank it as a safe haven and a cover of hard currency.

That many of the old gold mines not discovery of new mines contain economically viable quantities of gold, and gold mines in the old way of force, which contributed to raise prices.