The global economy is a big maze

Barclays: the global economy on the road to recovery despite the continuing risk

Economic transformation the world into something like a maze, overlapped with international interests, colorful monetary policies, ups and downs are not justified, gold, oil, dollar, financial markets, and inflation on the one hand and unemployment on the other hand, weigh heavily on developed and developing countries, let alone countries lagging .

Communities arise rulers on their economies begin Tdgv and destroyed its infrastructure, destruction of airports, roads and bridges, Vtaatdkhal major countries for the salvation of those countries with financial and humanitarian On the other hand take the oil interests of the ultimate goal of salvation from the economic Anhiaradtha.

We have been creating many of the financial instruments of strategies profitable and that is hiding underneath all the ways of cheating and fraud that have been published by the governments of the world was the exploitation of many countries to ruins their economies, but it has been revealed, even Nhart banks and bankrupt companies and laid off employees and income the world in recession,

And rampant crime and Zdad social corruption, was to use all means to salvation that a fragile world economy, we really in a time of economic globalization, what we see strong evidence that, when the collapsing economy of a country like Greece, you will be affected, not because you export or import, but because Greece associated with the greatest economy in the world, the United States of America are affected by you like it or not, this is actually not delude ourselves when we say we have nothing to do with the global economy!

When the spread of economic crime in various forms, one of the most serious crimes that harm the public interest, high prices, monopoly, etc., and are used by some, whether directly or indirectly.

Even nature arise, and angry, sinking cities, displaced millions and spread of diseases and epidemics, countries are trying to help each other, then spend millions Boutrqa Twisted be at face value to help in its interior a steal. Become our markets, similar to what is going on in the novel, events of reality, not of fact, something , all that is going on in our markets is closer to reality than fiction.

Fair value, replicates profitability, earnings per share, the terms understood by the investor and ignore speculator, to convince a small group and are denied of the other categories, widespread ignorance of the investment in our markets and become speculative moral character essential in guiding our markets, and becomes a danger to the investor when it believes that its investment would collapse overnight. , not because the company lost control of the company, but because of speculators.

Thus, our markets have become, and became a speculator is an investor, the investor is a speculator, winning and losing investor speculator, that really let the markets for meditation and reflection before going into Mstmqa markets.

Amazing what happens around us and affects our markets, when companies will be announced the results of a check-billion profits after closing our markets, investors are waiting for those shares has been made of the heights, she believes the contrary, what the financial markets, you will not see again in any place in the world is going Contrary to what is assumed and required.

What is this happening? It controls you see in our markets? You and I do not know who stands behind our markets, our market has become a form of investment failure.

Our market will not be able waterless domestic investment, let alone a foreigner, I have become speculation is what distinguishes our markets.

There will be no risk to enter into these markets, these ideas every investor and every loser. We have been deceived Balsdj that our markets will achieve high profits for companies, dividend returns, repeaters profitability is low, sustained growth, when the cursor is in its launch rocket out some of the so-called analysts and advertising media are Agrdon that Osoukna on the rise, but that the rivers of the market until changed the tone and says that these become exaggerated prices, where the money went? Is evaporated?Do you went out without a return? Are they local or foreign

No wonder when you see the loss-making companies have risen and surpassed the prices the best companies in the market of profit, etc., when you see an insurance company lost flying over one hundred and SABIC underneath, make sure that our markets speculative and not investment, but why not go out the Capital Market Authority to enact laws that protect investors, or that their protect speculators

Strange that the trust invested in this market, the market has really become a tool gamble and entertain those who have the money.