The Gigantic 100 Kg Canadian Gold Coin


The royal Canadian mint produced its first 100 kilogram gold coin with a face value of $1 million.

This huge coin contains gold a content of 24 carats (.9999) fineness which makes it one of the purest gold regular issued coins.

The size of the coin is similar to a very thick pizza three centimeters thick and 50 centimeters wide.

This coin was originally meant to be a one-off uniqueness item to help promote the other gold coin the mint revealed a new line of one-ounce Maple Leaf bullion coins that will require a face value of $200.

The royal Canadian mint decided to produce a very limited quantity of the $1million coins on a made to order basis for public sale because of the numerous fascinated buyers that came forward.

The current prices of the coin are 3,215 troy ounces of gold are worth well over$2 million.

The huge gold coin won’t be persuaded. However, it has a face value of $1 million,

It is said by A mint spokesperson that the coins will sell for between $3 million and $2.5 million, till now the royal Canadian mint has confirmed orders for five gold coins.

There is a high international completion between The Royal Canadian mint and many other countries that also make these huge gold coins.