The First 1 Troy Ounce Coin “The Krugerrand”


The Gold Krugerrand was the first gold bullion coin produced in one troy ounce and sold in the spot gold market cost, in addition, to the cost of manufacture and shipping.

In detail one troy ounce, Krugerrand contains exactly 1 troy ounce of gold in addition, to a little allowance of alloy to boost its hardness. The total heaviness is 33.9303 grams or 1.0909 ounces.

Currently, obviously one can buy Krugerrands in lesser standards down to 1/10 ounce.

Krugerrands was produced since 1967 so at hand are actually a lot of Krugerrands.

At the time it was presented, US people were not permitted to own gold but were permitted to own foreign coins, so the introduction of the Krugerrand endowed US citizens to own gold after all. Some analysts’ address this was the main cause for inserting Krugerrands up on the market.

Many collectors will characteristic some Krugerrands in their collection and they are furthermore highly saleable in times of financial want.

It is easy to buy a gold Krugerrands while being in South Africa, any coin trader will have supplies and be able to deal you any quantity you need. The South African Mint does not deal exactly with the public, but has a number of local authorized dealers and international authorized dealers, and it is possible to select the nearest dealers to buy the coin.

If you’re not at South Africa it is still possible to buy Krugerrands from authorized dealers online or in your city, and if buying online habitually double-checks that the trader is experienced, has all mediums of communicate and a repaired address. Preferably has been in enterprise for a number of years and even more preferably, is a South African Mint authorized dealer.

Obviously, economically it is the best to purchase 1 ounce coins than the lesser ones due to assess up and shipping costs, but either way, to purchase gold out of South Africa or in it for that issue, is a magnificent pastime whether for investment or just as a hobby.

Denomination Diameter*
Fineness Gold content Edge
(g) (oz t)
1 oz 32.77 2.84 33.930 22 karat 91.67% 31.103 1.000 160**
1/2 oz 27.07 2.215 16.965 22 karat 91.67% 15.552 0.500 185
1/4 oz 22.06 1.888 8.482 22 karat 91.67% 7.776 0.250 150
1/10 oz 16.55 1.35 3.393 22 karat 91.67% 3.110 0.100 115