The European Commission draws doubts about participating in the rescue of Greece


The European Commission yesterday refused to deny reports that the ECB’s willingness to contribute to the rescue of the new program is being prepared for him to Greece. The EU and the IMF agreed to a rescue package worth 130 billion euros a $ 173 billion but it seems they are no longer sufficient due to the worsening economic outlook for Greece.

According to The Wall Street Journal that the U.S. in order to bridge the lack of funding, and the European Central Bank agreed to give up some profits at least that was to be derived from Greek bonds, which he bought last year in the context of attempts to support the country’s heavily indebted.

Big debate

A spokesman Amadeu Altafaj European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, told reporters in Brussels: I can not assure that the reports and I think it requires a very large question directed to the European Central Bank. The newspaper said the bank’s offer could be worth up to 11 billion euros.

Altafaj also said that the Committee of Finance Ministers of the Eurogroup will meet only after Greece to reach a deal to cut debt with lenders from the private sector and politicians to deal austerity measures demanded by the EU and the IMF in return for new aid. He added that in order to hold the meeting “should be put something tangible on the table.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker, who chairs the euro group said that negotiations Athens showing signs of progress. Juncker said that by Thursday there will be a picture of the specific additional burdens which Greece is ready to carry around.

Efforts to deal

Greek parties are trying once again to agree on a reform program for new international rescue package to avoid default on debt payment delay after the agreement more than once, some EU leaders to warn that the euro zone could live without Athens.

And timed out after the other and put off the three party leaders in the coalition led by Prime Minister Lucas Papademos meeting was described as crucial to the party leaders not receiving a draft agreement on the financial rescue Stbermh as the government official said. And tries to convince party leaders Papademos to accept austerity measures and the reform is likely, but unpopular with voters angry Greeks, who are already well-founded.

Papademos and took office last November to secure rescue aid from the IMF and the European Union. Officials say the euro area should be to reach a comprehensive agreement with Greece and approved by the euro zone and European Central Bank and the IMF before the fifteenth of the month.