The Canadian Company:Yamana Gold

yamana gold

The Yamana gold company is a Canadian company which began its operations in 2003.

The principal member of the Yamana gold company is President and Chief Operating Officer, Ludovico Costa, Chairman Chief Executive Officer, Peter Marrone and Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance, Charles B. Main.

The most significant gold production, exploration properties, development properties, and land positions of this company was in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

In 2006, the company added several mining properties with the purchase of other gold companies.

The Yamana gold business has a 12.5% indirect interests in the Alumbrera mine and 7 operating gold mines namely Jacobina, Fazenda Brasileiro, Chapada El Peñón, Gualcamayo, Minera Florida.

The near development stage projects and exploration properties are in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

The most significance gold mines are the one located in the San Juan province of Argentina its name is Gualcamayo mine, it as an open pit, and it has gold operation with three zones of gold mineralization.

Also, the underground gold-silver mine The El Penon produces 4,500 tons per day. Northern Sonora State includes The Mercedes gold-silver mine.

Yamana company plans to corrupt through existing operating mine expansions, throughput increases, development of new mines.