The Best Popular Trade Fair In China :The Shenzhen

shenzhen china

China is the world’s second biggest gold consuming country.

Shenzhen is certainly the China Jewelry production & trade city.

Jewelry business is one of the best six traditional industries with comparative advantages in Shenzhen.

The entire value of jewelry in manufacturing and processing amounts is 80 billion RMB yearly, and around 200,000 employers within the industry.

Conferring to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the overall retail sales of gold, silver in in 2012 reached RMB 220.9 billion.

The Shenzhen International gold Jewelry Fair is the biggest and best popular trade fair ever held in Mainland China.

It is the best dazzling showcase of the top jewelry design in China.

It also reveals the prevailing gold jewelry consumption trends in the years to come.

There are about 3,300 booths and over 67,500 of exhibition area, the Fair structures above 1,000 exhibitors from China and 30 other areas and countries.

It is also the yearly showcase of famed Chinese and above 300 international brands.

The fair charms 40,000 trade buyers from 73 countries and regions. Furthermore, it takes simply 45mins travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Riding on historical success, the 2013 Shenzhen International Jewelry Fair was more fruitful and extensive than ever.

It is the perfect place to meet your suppliers face to face and to source fresh products from next season at reasonable prices.

The 2014 upcoming event of the Shenzen will be held from February 26 to 1 march.

If you’re planning to sell your services and products, growing into the China market, increasing brand recognition or launching new products, the Shenzhen International Jewelry Fair is the place to be.