The 24-k Golden Rose: A Traditional New Present


The Rose has long been a symbol of love, beauty and emotion. It has been immortalized for centuries in the art and literature of many cultures. It is, to the world, what gold, silver & platinum are to the monarchy of precious metals. These timeless symbols of richness and beauty have been combined to create a golden rose.

Gold jewelry never goes out of style, and for good reason, because gold is as wearer-friendly as it is beautiful.

What about a gold rose? Have you ever thought about buying it for your loved ones instead of buying a traditional present? As a present, it’s a mix between two traditional present that created a completely new one.

Roses have meanings associated with them and there are roses befitting specific occasions. A gold rose is a very unique way to express your feelings to your loved ones, as gold is a universal simple of eternity and the rose is the symbol of love and emotions.

Did you know that the 24 k gold roses are completely handcrafted from real ones; they come in a variety of sizes and colors, including mini roses and long stem roses. The roses are carefully selected at the peak of their beauty and preserved in a long-lasting polish shell to preserve the details. Next, they are dipped and plated in pure 24K gold to create a breathtaking masterpiece.

The creation of gold rose is a consuming process with over 40 particular steps and five days of hand work by skilled artisans and technicians and that shows how 24k gold roses are special and unique.

Instead of getting something usual to your special ones, why don’t you select a new different thing? So, whether its love, devotion, admiration, friendship, thanks, or any other sentiment that you are trying to say, a gold rose will be a very suitable present to express your feeling. Isn’t it a thought needs consideration?