Technical Analysis for the price of gold at the end of the week

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

Gold Prices – Gold prices, had a lot of fluctuate in the last period, which led to changes in gold prices had been expected for most of the movements of gold.

Where he scored gold in the beginning of the week in most bourses 1510 dollars for an ounce of gold movements and remained constant until the height closed at 1618 dollars an ounce for gold, which preached the return of investors in the gold things back to normal after the recession experienced by the gold markets.

But this is not what it aspires to senior investors in gold survival of gold away from the stimulus is a factor which delays the usual gold glove, which is investigating the gains for investors in gold.

The current global conditions are not suitable to reap profits from gold and leaps for gold gold is considered a safe haven now count the loss of gold value.