Technical analysis for crude oil – May 27, 2013

Technical analysis for crude oil -14 June 2013

Technical analysis for crude oil – May 27, 2013 — WTI crude market moved back and forth during the session on Friday, and stops trading below the level of $94.00  directly. This area somewhat crowded, but the real strengthening in my opinion, is between $ 92.00 level at the bottom, $ 97.00, and at the top. For this reason, I think that there are probably more headroom in this market will cause most of the decline, but frankly this market will move sideways mostly in general.

It will be general challenge, about the fundamental factors of crude oil, with our attempt to decide whether the economy in the United States improved dramatically enough to control prices and increase the demand on oil. In the end, there is a point where the price begins to cause damage to the average consumer, and, of course, puts a burden on the economy in general. In that case, most of oil traders will  follow the market closely, and hack Capricorn in either direction is sure to have ramifications in many other markets as well.

In the front, there will be limitation in the deliberative scope

It seems that this market will continue to intermittency side generally, and therefore. I view it as a kind of environment short-term trading. I think that taking a long position close to the $ 92.00 level, of course, is logical behavior, but even if we infiltration below that level, I think that the $ 90.00 level will be equally supportive. However, I would expect that you will do a very short trading operations at best, and to maintain the stop-loss points narrower than usual.

If you have the ability to trade using options, it may be this is the way for trading in forward. In the end, you can reduce the risk and find dealing with everything in his time. Bilateral short-term options could be the best option for trading in this market, and of course you will make CFD markets, the ability to trade in quantities small enough to maintain this intermittency of the destruction of your accounts significantly. Trading in the futures market in such an environment deliberative will be difficult, but if you have a large account.