Technical analysis for crude oil -12 June 2013

Technical analysis for crude oil -14 June 2013

WTI crude markets fell during the session on Tuesday, where Oil reached the low $ 94.00 during the trading hours of the U.S. session. However, we can see that we got the rebound is large enough to close at $ 94.86, and that of course is located below the figure full psychologically significant 95.00 $ directly and the focus of traders in the habit.

Candle, which was formed somewhat like the hammer, but we were able to get through the bottom of the hammer from Monday. For me, this is a signal regressive, but I realized that the level of 94.00 $ continues to be supportive. In fact, this market is simply in a big mess of supporting the resistance in a narrow range, with the great support below at $ 92.00 level and large held in the highest at 97.00 $.

Summer on the doors and it may be difficult to deal with this market
In most cases, be very difficult trading in the oil markets during the summer months. Put simply, the majority of traders are busy on vacation and do not worry about what is going on in these markets. Most likely that trading will take place on the shores of the Caribbean instead of the screens during the months of June, July and even August. Therefore, this market will drift sideways most of the time.

I personally do not have an opinion on this market, where it is clear that the limited in the deliberative range by $ 5. If you Mtdoual very short periods, the there are some الإحتماليات to manageable trades, but frankly, this appears as an excellent opportunity to lose money in a volatile market and very choppy. Markets around the world increase the volatility because of the low liquidity conditions and general uncertainty, and this market is, of course, does not differ by

. You simply have to look at the stock and currency markets, and most importantly, bond markets, in order to see the extent to which people confusion. In these situations, I found that it is very best to avoid markets that behave this way, simply because in the end everyone will make a decision, this market will explode in one of the directions. But in the meantime, you will see a few small movements, such as we have seen over the past few sessions and that does not go anywhere, but to have the ability to cause a lot of damage to your account.