Gold is stable in Asia

Stabilized of gold prices in Asian trading on Friday with the investors refrain from trading actively before the report of the new jobs in America, which will be released later in the day andafter the latest economic data sent mixed signals on the status of largest economy in the world. It is unlikely … Continue reading

Decline in gold and silver prices

Decline in the spot gold price 0.8% to $1,822.79 U.S dollars an ounce in USA, It was suspended cause an immediately increase in the price of gold at 12.2% at the beginning of the month immerse in the largest monthly increase since November 2009 rose 12.8% Gold prices fell after rising by about 3% in the previous session, supported … Continue reading

The direction of gold prices

In fact, the continues of  weakens for U.S. Dollar (USD), which is trading at 1.4430 (EURO/USD) does not help the price of gold in any form. now being traded goods near the glittering of $1,773 USD/Troy Ounce, Although the first day had reached 0.23%, this still looks very weak. In general, where the U.S. … Continue reading