Spot gold and silver price brooked

Gold prise is pushed up by the Comex market

Decline in the spot gold price by 3.6% to reach 1597.89 USD/Troy an ounce today, down from  1,600 USD/troy an ounce  for the first time since late July, as investors sold precious metals to buy in the dollar and Treasury bonds, which are considered safe havens.

Gold prices today fell to more than 4%, and silver suffered the worst losses for one dayin three years in a continuation of the poor performance witnessed on Friday as investors scrambled for liquidity and the dollar as the best safe haven.

And gold prices fell from U.S. $ 1600 as well, lost 2.6 percent registered of  1597.8 USD/troy an ounce.

Silver fell in online transactions by 12% to 27.3 dollars per ounce on its way to record the biggest daily fall in nearly three years.