Spain put bonds at 2.5 billion euros


Put on the public treasury Spanish bonds worth 2.5 billion euros, payable in three and sixmonths, at interest rates low, in the third auction conducted this year, according to theagency, KUNA.

The Spanish government raised 1.4 billion euros in outstanding three-month interest rateof 1.2%, representing a slight decrease compared with 1.7% registered in the last auctionheld on 20 December last year.

Were offered 1.1 billion euros payable in six months, interest rate reached 1.8%compared with 2.4% registered in the last auction in December last year, at a time when the demand exceeded the total amount of 13.6 billion euros.

The Treasury launched bonds worth 9.9 billion euros, payable in three or four years, low interest rates in the Jan. 12, and another $ 4.8 billion euros, payable in 12 and 18 months,low interest rates despite the reduction of the agency “Standard & Boozer” global debt rating Spanish sovereign on Tuesday.