Simple Steps To Keep Your Gold Last Longer

gold jewelry

Gold accessories are very fashionable and elegant; we all love to wear them frequently, but the problem is that Even under the greatest circumstances, gold accessories can tarnish easily or break.

You need to protect your gold accessories from their primary enemies, which are water, paint chipping, direct sunlight.

To make your gold last longer you need to treat it with some care as if you’re treating a treasurable thing, and they will last longer as and be shiny and lustrous as their genuine counterparts.

We all probably observed that gold accessories are everywhere this season, from handbags to shoes.

So if you want to keep those accessories looking original and pleasant, follow these simple steps.

1- Store all your gold accessories in a jewelry box with a closure to protect them from direct sunlight. Daylight causes the jewelry to tarnish and fade faster.

2-To prevent dirt buildup dust around your jewelry; make sure to run a moist cloth on the surface of your jewelry before storing them away. This will help you to keep your jewelry clean and ready to wear the next time you need and also will keep the luster and shining of your accessories.

3-Liquids can be harmful to metals like gold because some chemicals are found in it. If you want to keep your jewelry tarnish free, keep in mind that metals and lotion don’t go well together. Directly wipe off any liquid to help prevent tarnishing and further damage.

4-Fake gold won’t last for a long time only 4 or 5 month so don’t try to buy its imitating real gold.

5- Gold paint will furthermost likely to harm and damage your accessories so don’t ever try to paint your own accessories.