Significant Keys for Storing Gold

gold safe

One of the main benefits of investing in physical gold over electronic gold is that you could take care of your own gold bullion. Gold billions has been stored for centuries, but how to take care and store your gold bullion? There is no really a correct answer to this question; you could store it as you wish in any place at home, bank or be creative, but we could say you could choose one of these as an answer.

Storing Gold at the Bank

Banks offers safety deposit boxes, which are one of the good places to store gold in it. You could also take advantage from the security systems the banks set. But on the other hand the will charge you a monthly fee for these boxes. Also if the bank unfortunately gets robbed and your box was stolen you do not declare what is in your safety deposit box. It is likely mentioning that a lot of investors say that the bank’s safety deposit box is the safest way to store your billion gold.

Storing Gold at Home

At home is a common way for investors to store their gold billions. It is an noticeable advise but it is very important not to share information with people (friends, colleges, family members, ect.) that you have a gold billion in your house whether keeping it in a safe or not. It is important to share your access with one person “and only one person” in case any thing happens to you. There are options for hiding your safe at home, you could install a security system at your house, some people hide their safe in walls and under the floor, others even hide their safe in the basements and also under the ground in their gardens. It is recommended to add your gold billions to your insurance.

There are some factors to keep in mind to make your decision where to store your billion gold, as the value of your bullion, the physical size of your billion collection and the percentage of your net wealth.