Shoppers Seeking For Gold On Black Friday


Jewelers For years figured Black Friday fitted the malls while their sales would pause for another day.

But that has now changed, and individual jewelry stores are striving to compete by giving away PlayStations, iPads, and other favored products.

“It started the trend nearly seven years ago when it started giving away Apple products on Black Friday,” said by Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

Gregg Kelly Northeastern’s vice president said: “We definitely not associate Black Friday with jewels. People were frightened to compete with the big box stores,” “We went afterward, and we saw the consequences.”

Not all jewelers are captivated of the approach. Specific call it the “gimmick” they keenly avoid.

On the Black Friday special alone in 2011 Northeastern gave out 205 iPads with any purchase beyond $1,500. That meant consumers paid out at least $307,500.

The stores in Schenectady and Albany are giving away an iPad Air for purchases of $1,399 or more this year. They are throwing out American Gold Eagle coins, with a 1/10 ounce coin for purchases of $695, 1/2 ounce coin for purchases of $2,950.or 1/4 ounce coin with purchases of $1,499.

Kelly said “we try to change it”. We’ve permanently done something electronic, but our roots are we begun as a coin gallery.”

“In the current years further jewelry stores have begun alike promotions”. Kelly said

At Glennpeter Jewelers Diamond Allen Johnson a store manager Centre, laughs when told Northeastern Fine Jewelers revenues credit for the Black Friday promotions.

He said: “I started this habit when I was at Northeastern. It was my indication. That’s what’s funny. “Black Friday habitually wasn’t a free-standing jewelry store day. It wasn’t something that was a large traffic day. It’s absolutely driven more traffic in our direction.”

Glennpeter is offering a collection of giveaways at its stores in Clifton Park, Colonie and Albany Center this year, When clients spend $199, they get a “Call of Duty: Ghosts” video game. For spending $799 or extra they get a Pebble watch. A purchase of $1,099 or more arises with an iPad mini while spending $1,499 earns an iPad Air or a regular iPad. Lastly, spending $1,999 or more earns purchasers a PlayStation 4.

Johnson said: “We’ve never done this wide array of a bargain before,” “We really extended it this year.”

In Schenectady Sondra’s Fine Jewelry is also giving away a PlayStation 4 when buyers part with $1,499. It contains a $100 Amazon gift card for a purchase of $500 or even more.

Not everybody holds that approach.

Martin Finkle, president of Harold Finkle said: “What we discovered is a lot of our rivalry does these come on aimed at Saturday and Friday, and you’re paying for them”. “Exactly, you’re repaying for it. The jewelry is marked up at that fact. They are not charitable anything away.”

He said: “His store will be giving away Rolex watches this shopping season, but not until December.”

Hannoush Jewelers won’t hand out gift cards or electronic products at its stores in Clifton Park, Crossgates and Colonie Mall. In reality, its radio ads condemn such give ways.

Albert Hannoush the company president said “We don’t do promotions,” “We just need to give our clients the greatest conceivable price. I’d rather protect the purchaser money and let them buy whatever they want.”

The give ways are harming frontrunners just like any other store’s promotions. She takes some fault at Hannoush’s advertising said Sondra Stephens, owner of Sondra’s Fine Jewelry.

She said “You can’t take $2 million value of inventory and change prices,” “That’s his angle, but it would be incredible to revenue a jewelry store, turn it around and alter all the prices. I don’t have faith in anybody who is doing advertising is changing the prices.”