SEC terminated in U.S. and European trading of the week on a mass increase

Euro retreats influenced by the possibility of European rate cut

Stock Exchange concluded the “Wall Street” of America, end transactions of the week,yesterday on the high mass of the key indicators, and Dow jones gain industrial average 37.65 points, to close at 10771.50 points, record an increase of 0.35%.

The index of the S & P 500 “S & P 500” wider by 6.87 points, to settle at 1136.43points, an increase by 0.61%.

The Nasdaq Composite Index “Nasdaq”, which was dominated by technology stocks,trading up by 27.56 points, to reach the level of 2483.23 points, an increase of 1.12%.

On the other hand the European capital markets ended transactions of the week,yesterday, on the high mass of key indicators, the index “FTSE 100”, the major index ofthe London Stock Exchange increased by 25.20 points, to close trading at 5066.81points, an increase of 0.50%.

The benchmark “DAX”, the main stock market index “Frankfurt” German, transactions,high rate of 0.63%, gaining 32.35 points, to settle at 5196.56 points.

The index ended the “CAC 40” French, trading higher by 28.43 points, to settle at2810.11 points, an increase of 1.02%.