Scenarios of future trends of gold

During the trading on 28 / June / 2012 past, we have seen a sharp decline in the price of gold reached the levels of 1550 and which are levels of support the mission of the daily level and even on the weekly, but Hama decline penetrated levels of the trend line of high-level daily, who was stationed at the time at levels of $ 1568, which is considered a negative thing clearly.

But gold has returned to the rise in the next day 29 / June / 2012 twice the rate of decline that took place on 28 / July / 2012, which gave the impression of the markets that the breach that took place during the day towards the bottom is to penetrate the imaginary and temporary, with continued gold prices to rise again for up to levels average 50 days on a daily level, which was stationed at the levels of $ 1,600 at the time, with the penetration of this medium for up prices to levels of 1624.89 dollars on 3 / July / 2012, and those levels returned wave decline again after the report of U.S. jobs which reduced the speculation need the U.S. economy for more quantitative easing, falling gold prices again to penetrate the first levels of the average 50 days on the daily level also in addition to the penetration levels of the trend line with a continued decline to the current day is 11 / July / 2012 to reach levels of 1564 dollars almost an ounce.

At the moment Basically, that has no need of the U.S. economy for more quantitative easing undermines the possibility of higher gold dramatically new, which is putting pressure on gold in the event showed the economic figures coming a kind of stability, while in case of continued figures in have shown a need for the U.S. economy For more quantitative easing, it is already possible to see the return of gold again towards the top.

Technically now, and as shown on the drawing, we see that the price of gold traded below the general trend of high in the short term, and in the case of closed markets trading today under the standards of this line, it is possible to see a clear decline again to the lowest levels of BB 28 / June / 2012 when the levels in 1550 dollars or so, but more importantly, now focus on the levels of the trend line secondary park and shown on the drawing in red where stationed this line at the levels of 1551 dollars, as the continuation of this line outlasting it possible to keep the idea of height, either If breached, it is possible to see further declines towards the levels of 1525 dollars, which is the important levels of support at the weekly