Russian industrial production grows by 3.8% in January


Russia recorded during January, growth in industrial production rate reached 3.8% on an annual basis.

Quoted by news agency “Novosti” Russian statistical agency reported yesterday that the federal Russian industrial production in Russia grew by 3.8% in January 2012 compared with same month of last year.

And the country has produced 43.9 million tons of oil, an annual increase of 2%, and 63.2 billion cubic meters of gas a decrease of 0.8%, and 28.7 million tons of coal, up5.7%, and 119 thousand cars, light passenger, an increase of 16.8%, and 102 billionkilowatt / hour of electricity, up 0.3% from January 2011.

The volume of agricultural production including food in Russia in the first month of this year by 2.5% compared with January 2011, and the volume of retail trade by 6.8%.

Statistical agency also announced that the size of the Russian Federal investments inbasic capital of the country amounted to 440 billion rubles (the equivalent of almost $ 15 billion), an increase of 15.6% for the first month of last year.