Rose in Gold price, getting down fast

Spent commodity markets this week in an attempt to restore its activity after the weakness that characterized the performance during the month of May. What helped initially renewed apprehension about the need for additional incentive from the U.S. Federal Reserve after poor jobs report that was issued on June 1. Gold record highest jump since the years to come back and score the biggest finds in two months after a major Federal Federal Ahjab during his testimony that he made in Washington on the status of any additional measures.

China has reduced the basic interest rate has for the first time four years ago to stimulate the ailing economy, but also failed to stimulate the market in light of expectations that launched, which indicated the possibility that the coming economic data are weaker than expected. As for Spain, although of enabling them to issue debt worth € 2 billion, but it has seen a decline in its credit rating by three points in the light of the continued crisis of finance and banking.

Furthermore, the attention will return to focus during the next week before the elections in Greece on June 17, which is likely to release the results of the further concerns about the future of Greece in the euro area.

In light of these facts, it is expected to continue to the most dangerous and asset-based commodities such as growth control to be able to start getting some answers to the questions asked today on short-term outlook for global growth. It is also like bad weather conditions the world has seen recently is that the only factors that lead individual commodities (agriculture-related) for high