Rose in Gold market

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

The dealers of gold said sales rose to new heights during the current period and looked forward to further growth, mid-month mourners to the low price of gold, and said that prices seen volatile during the recent period was marked by instability and a gradual decline, and noted that the price index is heading towards the gradual during the current year level term and unlikely to get the gold price so-called long-Balagafzac .. They expected that the current year would witness significant growth in sales volume of major projects and economic mobility witnessed by the large diameter and increase of foreign workers.

They noted that the completion of the exam season mid-month pay sales index upward and demand is increasing on private gifts gold jewelry for children.

They expected to continue rising demand for gold during 2012 and all Classes of investment and industrial demand backed up by central banks around the world to demand coming from the gold jewelery market in emerging markets.

expected that the volume of sales to the domestic market from 20% in the middle of this month, and continued: become the purchase attractive to the substantial drop in gold prices and that prices tend to fall short, however, that the Finance Director pointed out that the price index is moving towards gradual rise in the long run this year unlikely to become so-called gold prices Balagafzac long – as he put it – pointing out that the bullion has seen stable in the percentage of sales experience in gold recovery and growth expected during the next few days.