RMGC still hopes for a fast Romanian Approval of gold mine in 2014

Gold mine protest s in Romania

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, owned by the Canadian Gabriel Resources, said it hopes Romania’s parliament will accept general excavation legislation fast, which would endow it to build Europe’s large-scale open cast gold mine in a little Carpathian village.

A special Romanian parliamentary charge overwhelmingly rejected a draft account on Monday that would have permitted the mine project expressly to move ahead.

RMGC said: “We appreciate the commission’s wrapping up which recommends completing the current legislative framework in Romania.”

The company said it’s awaiting the fast approval of the general mining legislative framework so the development in the gold mine starts in early 2014.

Gabriel has been waiting 14 years for acceptance to use cyanide in order to mine about 314 tonnes of gold and 1,500 tonnes of silver in Rosia Montana, Transylvania. The state furthermore retains a minority venture in the mine.

The draft triggered nationwide protests against the mine with every week disputes arranged in the capital Bucharest and some other cities. It provoked the government in September to set up a special commision to consider the bill.