Rise in gold prices today

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Rose gold for December delivery traded on the New York Stock Exchange at more than $ 29 or 1.7%, surpassing the level of 1760 USD/Troy an ounce towards the highest level since the twenty-second of September / September, in a state of uncertainty which has become thesurrounding European debt crisis after the call for a referendum Greek sparked controversy and wide.

It was the contracts have been traded at a level of $ 1753.1 in about the third hour and sixteen minutes PM GMT after rising to its highest level in seven weeks.

The combination of high gold with a similar surge in the euro against the dollar at 1.3817, while it changed the indicators, the European trend of decline to rise, where the index added, “FTSE” British 0.4% of the score, and rose, “DAX” German 1.9%, and the “CAC”France’s 1.9%.

This comes at a time when futures rose to an index “Dow Jones” industrial with 89 pointsto the level of 11,857 points.