Resumption of oil exports by truck from Kurdistan to Turkey

Technical analysis for crude oil -14 June 2013

Sources in the energy sector that export of crude oil by truck from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey, resumed after a brief stop to improve the cargo control system.

And allowed the Kurdistan Regional Government to Genel Energy Company last week to begin selling oil directly from the Taq Taq oil field to Turkey, Baghdad considers illegal trade.

But oil trucking pause, the source said that it “is linked to the introduction of a new regulatory system more stringent for trucks.”

And exports of oil and its contracts focus of a wider conflict over land and oil fields and political independence between the Government of the Arab-led Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.

A source familiar with the operations in the Taq Taq field that trucks loaded with crude oil from the field re-orientation to the Turkish border on Wednesday.

The chief executive of Genel has said that exports could rise to 20 thousand barrels a day during the week.

The trucking crude directly to Turkey, having been suspended exports through the pipeline Kurdish-controlled Baghdad between Iraq and Turkey, as a result of a dispute over the central government payments to the oil companies operating in Kurdistan.

The Iraqi government insists it alone has the right to export crude oil, and the signing of deals, while Kurdistan says that the constitution allows them to sign contracts and export oil away from Baghdad.