Republicans are seeking to re-link the dollar with gold

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

Republicans are seeking to reconnect the Gld with the US dollar principle of linking the dollar with gold for the first time in thirty years, investors of gold within the party votes to supporters of the idea in  November elections, despite his lack of votes more optimists rise gold.

If  Washington adopted this policy, which was amputated forty years ago, it is likely to have effects which will cause disasters and groth of inflation for gold and the american soiciety.

rice of gold for up to ten thousand dollars per ounce, which will lead to the erosion of the credibility of the dollar and the start of a new trade war.

On the other hand, gained re-enter the gold standard in determining the price of the currency more support in recent years amid sharp debate on how to deal with the levels of U.S. debt and spending, and increasing global concern about the stability of currencies.

It is worth mentioning that Ronald Reagan was the fact that the gold in 1981, after ten years of a Richard Nixon disengagement between gold and the dollar during the oil crisis that occurred in 1971. However, the Committee set up by Reagan quickly backed away from the idea of gold peg, citing that the return of the gold standard will not be a fruitful way to deal with the problems of inflation.

Although there is almost unanimous that the idea will not come into force until the experts, supporters of the idea likened gold peg holder immediate debit card instead of a credit card where the state can not only spending the holdings of real balance.