Recycle Your Gold!!!


Repeatedly we hear about the importance of recycling cans, glass, paper, and plastic, but do we hear about the importance of recycling gold? And can we even recycle gold? Is it essential to recycle gold? Without question answer is yes!

Main benefits of gold recycling are decreasing the money for gold mining and helps protect our natural resources. Gold mining is dangerous to our environment because it helps the increase of pollution, encourages dangerous labor practices, and exposes the earth to poisonous toxins such as cyanide. “The greatest environmental concern today that is associated with gold mining is the disposal of the overburden that is removed from the mines.” As stated by the Environmental Literacy Council. That gold mining leaves huge holes in our earth and needs high polluting machinery to work the process. The mining production takes 20 tons of wastes for the production of ONE gold ring.

In a world where the demand for gold is high, the continuance of gold mining can destroy earth over time and posses serious danger to our health and our environment. Through recycling your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry you will become a participant in protecting the environment by decreasing the amount of waste used in the money-making gold mining process.

Gold rush stores make your recycling efforts easy for you. Just bring in all your old, unwanted gold, silver, and platinum to your local gold rush store or cash-for-gold companies , and get paid immediately.