Recent Study on Gold Demand

gold research

Chinese gold buying movements in particular as a “tidal wave being unleashed onto an already tight market for physical gold,” latest research indicates what over 5,000 investors from more than 80 different countries deliberate about the world economy and bullion markets. On behalf of the major variety of gold bug opinion data online, described by The Real Asset Company’s Head of Research Jan Skoyles, key carry outs include 53% of gold investors own Bitcoin, over 44% their financial impression much worse than previously, over 36% consider the Japanese Yen will be the most debased currency in 2013, Brits believe the pound will be the most debased and 73% see current gold price falls as opportunity to buy more gold.

“Citizens of America’s two biggest creditors China and Japan are now fighting each other to buy Gold and Silver,” as Max Keiser suggested. This is an important time for individuals to look at spreading their investments. The Real Asset Co’s report is necessary to read if anyone is willing to invest in gold or silver bullion.

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