Reasons Behind The Closure Of Sutter Gold Mine Tours

Sutter Gold Mine Tour

One of the greatest diverting and educational attractions in the Gold Country is the Sutter Gold Mine tour.

This company leads visitors on an hour-long trip hooked on the guts of a recent hard rock gold mine. Right afterwards a ride on a mining shuttle to the mine. Visitors go through the secure training room as the miners once did.

Though, it is always worthy to visit Sutter Creek, a gorgeous historic Gold Rush town full of exciting things to do and see.

Sutter Gold runs a 3.6 mile section within the best fruitful 10 miles of the notable Mother Lode Gold Belt, including 8 extraordinary mines.

Cooperatively, these mines produced above 3.5 million ounces of gold, representing 27% of the historic production from the 120-mile extended Mother Lode Gold Belt.

Seven significant mines on the property had documented un-mined resources in place at the time of their closure.

The suitable geology with gold quartz strain mineralization of mesothermal or orogenic type existing within lesser mafic to intermediate meta-volcanic of the Mariposa Development and a regional scale deformation corridor cutting late Jurassic meta-sediments.

Sutter has two projects the Santa Theresa Project set in the Northern Baja region of Mexico and the Lincoln Project sited in Amador County, taking place in the California Mother Lode Gold Belt.

Sutter Gold Mine’s tours are now shut, Owing to the regenerating of the gold mine to extract gold.

Presently, the Company is finishing the underground development of the Lincoln Mine Project, starting with the shallow portion of the Lincoln Comet ore zone and the mill construction.