Questioned in Germany estimate “Standard & Poor’s” for 9 European countries


Questioned the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble in the health of the ruling by the agency “Standard & Poor’s” America’s credit rating, which reduced the degree of which the classification in nine European countries, notably France and Austria.A report of the Deutsche Villa e-minister as saying, “The Standard & Poor’s did not adequately assess what was carried out by European countries – facing difficulties in the budget – measures to reduce the deficit in their budgets.”

The minister, a leader of the Christian Democratic Party – led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel -, his belief that the credit rating agencies seeking primarily to promote itself to the media through the credit ratings of nations.

For his part, French President Nicolas Sarkozy to “prudence” in dealing with the reports of the international credit rating agencies, pledging that these institutions would not “set of economic policies” of his country.
In turn, said European Commissioner for the organization of the internal market of the EU Michel Barnier, “The credit rating agencies should provide greater confidence to the efforts of the euro area in order to resolve its debt crisis.”

“I think it would be appropriate for agencies to take into account the more unprecedented efforts made by governments.”