Qatari company to invest $ 600 billion in Greece and the looting of gold in Sudan

Gold price technical analysis 7 - June 2013

Chief Executive’s sovereign wealth fund Qatar Holding said yesterday that the companywill invest billion dollars in the «by European Goldfields» of which $ 600 million to finance operations in Greece, where the company owns the London-based license to extract the gold.

The chief executive Ahmed Al-Sayed after a meeting between Greek officials and theQataris in Athens that Qatar Holding will buy 10% stake in by European Goldfields fromthe construction company the Greek Alactor and will have the option to buy another 5%.The total as invest in the company almost a billion dollars. And that Qatar is consideringvarious opportunities within the country.

In the «the tomb of sheep» National exploration for gold north of El Fasher in Sudan that the armed group consisting of «8» members traveling in Beauty and the hippocampusintercepted two commercial vehicles heading to El Fasher yesterday evening,

The sources confirmed that the group looted large quantities of gold under the gun next to the amounts of money and the ability of some modern devices used by citizens to search for gold. The sources said the gunmen opened fire on passengers whoestimated (30) passengers, but no one was hurt and that the attack took place after the«2» km north of El Fasher.