Peruvian Gold Expects to Improve Production


(Miningweekly) – Sydney-based Commissioners Gold has developed a third gold project in Peru to improve the original production of its Mollehuaca gold plant, which at this time being commissioned.

Commissioners and its joint venture partner have developed the Eladium mining operation, some 35 km east of the Mollehuaca gold plant. The project area covers some 973.75 ha of highly approaching ground and hosts a number of medium-sized, high-quality functioning gold mines.

The area is moreover potential for gold/ gold deposits/ copper / copper porphyry and iron oxide.

The project gaining in the last week was the second for Commissioners, through the junior lately obtaining the Saulito gold project, in the same gold belt.

The company in its plans to develop high-quality, low-tonnage satellite mining projects around the gold processing plant, told shareholders that both acquisitions were strategic milestones.

Both projects furthermore achieved the company’s objective of securing high-quality gold deposits with near-term production prospective, low entry budgets and scalability.

For the time being, Commissioners distinguished that commissioning of the repaired Mollehuaca plant would begin with the usage of mine tailings from the Santa Rosa deposit. Last logistical preparation for the truck and shovel process was in development.

Treatment of these investigations would produce amid 680 oz and 780 oz of gold a month while extra treatment capacity at the flotation circuits and plant’s carbon-in-leach would be occupied either by added Santa Rosa tailings or main ore from the Saulito and Eladium projects.