Our Gold Genesis


“Although men are accused of not knowing their own weakness, yet perhaps few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of.” – Jonathan Swift

The everyday conflicts and wars over minerals and energy sources are man’s curse. Humans are doomed to depend on these resources to sustain the luxurious and prosper life of development, domination and prosperity. Upon discovering the new-world, the Americas, man hurried there to own land and look for riches.

How the present 171,300 tons of gold above the earth surface we now use for jewelry, investment and industrial purposes is formed and where it might be mined in the future is such an inquiring question. As it may give us an insight on how man dreams today and how the world will be in the 22nd century if we were lucky in our discoveries. First, we need to understand what the yellow metal is and how it formed.

Gold First Ascending

Gold is a heavy solid metal with bright yellow luster. It shows great resistance to oxidation in air and water. It shows the resistance to individual acid attacks, but it dissolve in nitro-hydrochloric acid, mercury and alkaline solutions of cyanide. Also, it has high melting point of more than 1,000 degree Celsius.

The formation of such dense metals relatively large atomic number is believed to be formed from an exploding star or supernova. The fusing of hydrogen atoms with more atoms of the elements created during this explosion in this extreme environment is what science believes the most possible way of naturally forming these metals.

Models and theories of earth formation heavily suggest that gold among other heavy and dense metals didn’t originate on earth. Iron, gold and other similar metals was introduced to the young proto-earth in a period of asteroids and comets hitting earth and combining with the young planet. This era that is called the Late Heavy Bombarding is reason of earth having a core composed mostly of Iron with some theories of other heavier metals with small amounts. These dense metals sank in the newly-formed earth to its core because its density is much higher than silica and light elements forming the earth crust.

The gold mined was in the earth crust near the surface because of the volcanic and tectonic activity of the earth mantle and surface. Another theory says that the yellow metal is in some rich deposits due to the certain asteroids hitting earth on these spots.

Either way, what the scientists concluded from extensive researches on space and earth, is we have a limited supply from every single resource. We better use what we have well, and recycle the amount we already have. Otherwise, we will have another battle among ourselves slaughtering and killing our brothers.

Humans have been a very competitive race, competing with other species and with each other. Let’s compete on how we can preserve our planet, and how to share Mother Nature’s gifts. By destroying our homes and lands, we are making a death sentence on our whole race.