Numerous Ways To Gold Plate

gold plating

Gold plating jewelry is one of the best and smartest ways to save your money in order to gold plate your jewelry you have to follow several steps.

Before doing anything in your jewelry you have to ask an expert, local jeweler or even you can search for the gold plating process online, there are several ways to know how to gold plate your jewelry.

Now we are going to discuss the most frequent ways to gold plate your jewelry:

First of all choose the jewelry you want to gold plate it whether it is a necklace, ring, earring or even a bracelet.

Nowadays most gold plated jewelry is made of a silver base, but other metals such as aluminum, copper also it can be gold plated as well.

Gold and silver tend to drawn-out into each other, and this can cause the plated piece to become tarnished, dull or looking as the gold plating wears.

Layering the jewelry with copper can create a luster and longer-lasting because it’s not as reactive to gold.

2nd clean the surface of the item you will be gold plating carefully before starting the bonding process.

Wear gloves to avoid leaving skin oils or other guarantees.

3rd step Check the hygiene of your item by dipping it into purified water, and then notice how the liquid leaves the surface as you eliminate it from the water.

4rth step Track the gold plating instructions within the equipment to plate the clean, polished item.

Finally, bleach your plated piece under running water when the gold has observed to the piece.