Nikkei falls from the highest level in 32 months

Japan's Nikkei at its highest level since 2008

Nikkei Japanese stocks market, yesterday, investors starts selling to gain profit in the export companies warnings for more indicators of business results after the index broke through briefly a new high in 32 months above 11 thousand points in early trading.

Nikkei fell by 0.9% to 10824.31 points, after jumping to 11002.86 points, improving demand for shares of Japanese exporters by the  falling of yen to 91 yen comparing to the US dollar, which bodes higher income abroad while converting the proceeds of sales to Japan.

The broader Topix index is 0.4% to reach 913.78 points.

Nikkei index rose to its highest level since 32 months above 11 thousand points in the morning session on the Tokyo Stock Exchange yesterday, rising 0.6% to 10994.42 points, after rising to 11002.89 points, while the index rose broader Topix rose 0.7% to 923.36 points.

It was expected that for Nikkei to decline suddenly, due to some selling technical process in the Japanese stock market (Nikkei), which was leaded by stock companies to earn profits for their agents.