New Trend: Investing in Gold Cars

Gold Plated DeLorean

People think putting their money on gold just means buying jewelry, coins and bars. Now, it’s not just that, and few put gold in cars, making double the investment.

According to some recent studies, luxury items such as wine, cars, and clothes made better yields than other investment vehicles lately. The most promising investing at the moment is automobile. Demand on luxury and sport cars increased significantly, which put the luxury items market in the spotlight.

However, the old-school luxury and investment vehicles, such as gold, didn’t lose it’s glamour yet. Although gold price has been declining for three years now, physical gold demand has been rising to record historic levels this year and more gold-plated and gold manufactured items have been on sale for fair prices with decent profits.

For instance, a legendary gold plated DeLorean back from the 80s appeared in Maryland, U.S. in garage of collector. There were only 3 cars DeLorean manufactured and plated with 24 karat gold, 2 in museums in the U.S. and this last one is in the hands of a private collector.

The mint-state gold plated DeLorean DMC-12 manufactured in Belfast  with heavier suspension to deal with the extra weight of gold might worth now half a million US dollar! It is a very good investment if it was bought by 25 thousand back at its time, even after taking inflation rate and gold price into account. The reason for this good price is the double investment, in the car and in the gold. The car itself is popular among automobile lovers, in a great condition, and it’s rare. The price of gold rose from $750 per ounce in the 80s to an average of $1,400 per ounce nowadays. So, the value of the car and the value of gold both increased, thus, the price of the gold DeLorean.

To conclude, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Hunting gold is profitable, but adding another value to the gold or vice versa might increase your earnings by folds. The key is to be open to different ideas and keep informed. Maybe technology will be the next gold mine that worth putting more money on it.