New Incredible Technology for Gold Mining

Gold production

According to Phoenix, Arizona there is a new process to produce gold. Iogi Gold is joint venturing with Haber Inc. to establish a gold processing plant close to Phoenix using the proprietary HGP4 process. A brief about logi Gold and Haber Inc., they have been producing gold, precious metals and other complex systems for decades.

The process is not harmful to anybody; in fact it’s so secure that the President of Haber Inc. drunk the non-toxic chemicals. Larry Ortega, CEO of Iogi Gold stated that this will change the gold industry internationally.

There are three steps through the HGP4 process, pre-processing, extraction and recovery with fluids recycling. This process will prove that there is a more profitable and secure way to produce gold, as it will have big positive effect on more than 30 million small scale miners using mercury for gold mining. This project will make a big difference on decreasing the global danger of the careless use of mercury and cyanide by gold miners to extract gold.

“The facility will demonstrate the outstanding performance of our technology to the gold mining community and prospective clients; it is capable of yielding extraction efficiencies, with complex ores, in the high 90% range with gold purity in the +99% range. This can be done with extraction times of approximately 1 to 3 hours and gold recovery in minutes – all without harming the environment” said by Albert B. Conti, CEO of Haber Inc.

Haber Inc. is joining venture with Iogi Gold’s engineering depth and expertise. Iogi Gold engineer and expertise have word globally with chemical and gold processors; they are aiming to begin the development of the plant within months. This amazing technology will be available with hundreds of gold miners and gold mines in Arizona in a short-term.