New Gold Rush Destination: Outer Space

Gold Robot From Star Wars

Gold, like other metals are found in space, but how much gold is out there?

From the study of earth composition as rocky plant with a metal core, land of earth composed of around 60% silicon, aluminum 15%, 7% iron and less than 1% gold, which is more than 171,300 tons that we use now. So, rocky objects of silica or carbon in space are the best options to find gold and other rare elements. That will be almost 17% of the comets of the solar system, inner planets group and Jovian system satellites besides our dear moon. Europa and Io are the most probable moons of Jupiter that may contain gold. Eros comet that revolves near earth and mars is estimated to have over 20,000 tons of heavy elements such as the yellow metal.

These are our nearest celestial bodies that may contain the precious metal. More in depth look on our neighbors individually will spot on some problems; such as Venus unsustainable high temperature that may be encountered some day, Io high radiation levels, Europa’s ice crust or Mars’ iron-oxides sand that may be hard excavate.

The potential of gold in space is huge, but so are the hardships. These hardships might be encountered some day in the near future, or not, depending on how vivid man’s vision may be. The good news is there are some pioneers who study these projects and plan to launch space voyages in the next few decades to gather minerals from outer space.

There are also some undiscovered areas on earth that may contain gold, such as the ocean floors, even if it isn’t economically profitable at the present time. Who knows? Maybe gold value will rise dramatically and new sources of energy will be applied that make it possible.