Most popular types of gold

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1 – the average gold Known for each turquoise, bright yellow (caliber 21) or red italics (caliber 18 )1Types of gold 1 – alloys:Pure gold is 24 carat and be in the form of blocks of gold (bullion)And rarely used to make craft items.

2 – Regular works:And be masters of non-studded Balvsos (precious stones)Including such popular luxury or deluxe and super deluxeIt is usually 21 carat and 18 carat.

3 – studded jewelery:Including the popular (cloves cheap glass or stones)Including luxury or deluxe and super deluxe, with a caliber 21 and caliber 18.4 – the famous gold:Italian – Singapore – India – UAE – Bahrain – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – and KoreanAmong the most famous gold bracelets caecilians, one of the 24 carat goldGold label:Called the names of certain works by the manufacturer or wholesaler, but there are labels in circulation for some jewelry Calclasl mismatch disco or Singapore – Halabi – Eye of Horus, etc. ..

Macaroni and earrings – Albuqlh – Indian and other .. It Guaich (Abannajer) Alkimk – Foundry – Moulding – scheduler and other ..Pound Gold Pound of the most famous gold jewelry that are made from goldIt was originally a British work of King George V made of goldBut it is not 24 carat gold as much rumored, but from 22 carat goldThe pound weight of gold equal to 8 (eight) grams completelyAccordingly, the proportion of gold in it: 8 * 0.916666 = 7.333328 gram