Most popular Gold Pistols: 007 Villain’s Firearms

007 The Man with the Golden Gun

Ian Fleming created a fictional character that almost everyone around the world knows it, James Bond. The blockbuster movies showed how the British Secret Service agent, code named 007, the charming womanizer defeated all kinds of dangers and villains.

First of all, 2 infamous villains used golden firearms in the series. The first was Auric Goldfinger, a gold obsessed tycoon and jeweler that appeared in a movie having the same name, Goldfinger. He used a gold-plated Colt Official Police piece, a classic revolver introduced in the firearms market in 1927. The second villain was Francisco Scaramanga, a top-notch assassin that appeared in a movie named, The Man with the Golden Gun. Scaramanga uses his signature weapon, his .45 caliber single shot custom Golden Gun.

The first weapon, Auric’s gold Colt, is more real than you think. It’s, simply, a gold plated firearm. Gold here has nothing to do with the weapon performance. Auric’s obsession with gold should be what drove him to plate everything he had with gold. A man crazy enough to paint his lovers with gold shouldn’t be questioned for his motive to plate his six-shot revolver with gold. The idea is applicable in reality and nothing wrong here.

The second weapon, the Golden Gun of Francisco Scaramanga is another story. The gun was originally in the novel a common gold-plated revolver. However, it appeared differently in the movie carrying the same name of the novel. It was a custom made one-shot gun. It assembles from a gold pen forming the barrel and muzzle, gold lighter as the gun’s main body, a gold cigarette case for the gun handle and a gold cufflink for the trigger. That was fictional, but it was fancy enough for the movie to blow the audience mind. The ammunition of this gun itself is nothing real, as gold physical properties makes it not the best or ideal metal for the job of killing someone.

These two appearances of golden weapons had their impact. Now, not only gold jewelry or iPhones get the gold plating. Gold-plated guns were popular then, and still popular now.