Man Hides a Gold Bar in His Underwear to Sneak in Mumbai Airport


(India Today) – Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Customs Department has arrested a traveller, Mubarak Hussain Ibrahim, from Mumbai Airport for smuggling a 1 kg gold bar worth Rs.27,56,160 (USD $43,921), hid in his underwear.

Mubarak Ibrahim hails from Bangalore and reached to the town by air travel AI 331 on September 24.

This is the third seizure within the last three days by AIU.

Previously, two pieces of gold bars, weighing 149.5 grams in total and valuing Rs. 41,20,459 (USD $65,661) were captured. An Indian traveller, who had arrived by Thai Airways on 21 September, had been apprehended in the case.

On September 22, another Indian traveller, Shaikh Khader from Hyderabad, was caught on arrival from Riyadh as he was bearing three gold bars weighing 349.53 grams in total and valuing to Rs. 9 lakh (USD $14,342).