Making Money: 3 Golden Rules

Golden Rule

Every one dreams of fortune and having enough money to fulfill his needs. Since the ancient times till today, rich people follow 3 simple golden rules.

Babylon, Thebes, Athena, Rome, Machu Picchu, Bagdad, Samarkand, Mumbai, Singapore, London, Berlin, Salzburg, Tokyo and New York, all these cities through the long span of history were one of the richest cities in the world. There were rich people living there, not so different from each other. They simply followed the 3 golden rules for being rich and persisted on it. Here are these 3 golden roles that awarded the rich men with gold beyond their imagination:

Rule 1: Save

“A fool may earn money, but it takes a wise man to keep it” – English Proverb

As simple as it sounds, this is the very first step to become rich. In order to make money, you need money to start with. Saving 1/10 of your income is the best and most efficient way to accumulate the capital you need to start your business and begin accumulating gold and riches.

Contemporary analysts recommend having 10% of your trading portfolio in gold. Wise men in ancient times advised their children and wives to save 1/10 of their earnings, however little this income might be. Both modern and ancient men recommended gold for saving. If there is no gold, anything will do, as long as you save it.

This gold is your LONG TERM savings. You liquidate some of it to make your investment and grow your fortune, then KEEP SAVING!! That’s the whole point and that’s the trick. Don’t be seduced by advertisement or a fast risky venture. Always keep a 10% of your income safe and sound. These savings are the seeds that will grow further into your money tree and golden goose.

Rule 2: Ask the Expert

“Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.” – Warren Buffett

Now after you saved, this money will not grow on its own. As the seed needs watering and caring, you need to invest your money and grow your little fortune made from long savings. Before you even think in taking this money out, plan where you would invest it first.

If you want to bake, ask a baker, and if you want to build, ask an architect. Don’t ask a goldsmith about planting, and don’t ask a farmer about casting gold. Ask the right person who can answer you the best. Remember that knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more powerful and free you become.

Don’t over-ask about things you don’t need to know. Don’t try to be a farmer, leave him do what he knows and you do what you can do best. Know how to market yourself and your services, ask an expert about marketing, ask 2, 3, 10 and 20 if you have to. Be tenacious to know what you need to know. And learn what you can do, and what the expert can do.

Rule 3: Invest

Saving money and knowing how is not enough to grow your money tree. You need to act, you need to do. Put some of the money you saved in an investment that brings more money, then put all this money in an investment that pours even more! Keep doing this and you will achieve your goal.

Keep watering and seeding and your trees will certainly grow into a beautiful garden of gold. Just remember your own limits, don’t over-expand and don’t chicken-out. Asses your risks carefully and take them, find ways to carry out your dream and let nothing stop you. Remember that you are a human, the most diversified creature on earth.

As strong as your will, vast is your knowledge, and as hard as you work, you will achieve your ultimate goal in the end. Some people say they want to be millionaires, and they just want to have an easy, carefree life. They get what they truly desire; an easy and a carefree life.

Know your true desires and be honest with yourself. You will feel bad and depressed if you kept saying to yourself “I want to be a millionaire” while you only want to have a comfortable life. Even if have this beautiful life, you will hate it and despise it later if kept this attitude.

The bottom line, it all depends on your will. Having a strong will and honest desire will open the doors of fortune to you. This will build your knowledge and capabilities. Using these newly-acquired skills is what the rich been doing since the dawn of man. They simply desire to be rich more than any other. They are honest to themselves, and keep it simple as much as they can. They save, ask and invest, then repeat till you have enough.