Luxurious Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Pure Gold Aviator


Gold never runs out of fashion; it always gives you the best luxurious look that you always dream of.

If you like fashion and you are a fan of sunglasses you’re looking for the most iconic and lavish sunglass model in the world, then you’ll be stunned by the new gold sun glasses.

A designer always seeks for ways to develop fashion and add some luxurious looks for their design.

One of the famous sunglasses designers in the market is ray-ban Company, this company always strives to develop new modern sunglasses.

Ray-ban has presented a number of disparities on the original design over the years, using different colors and materials.

This year the company the company decided to add some rich look for their designs so gold was the perfect choice for them.

The luxurious classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses is the first Aviator completely realized in pure gold 18K, supplemented with G-15, Polar lenses and neophan.

It is commercialized by everyone from General Douglas MacArthur in World War II toThe Beatles, Freddie Mercury and Top Gun pilots.

This new edition of the classic 1936 release replaces the traditional lightweight metal frames with 18k gold and pairs it with the brand’s own top of the line P3 Plus polarized glass lenses.

The golden pilot sunglasses are limited to just 1,200 pieces and available now directly from Ray-Ban while supplies last.

This is probably the most demanded style for darn good reasons. They look stylish, modern and rich and will give your eyes the greatest protection and vision in the sun.