Luxurious Arabian Nights Came True with Gold Everywhere in Dubai

Gold Lamborghini Model in Duabi

Dubai earned a reputation of being one of the luxurious cities in the world through the past few years. It became a grand metropolis in the deserts of Arabia and it made the legendary Arabian Nights dream of luxury and prosperity in medieval ages come true.

The tallest man-made building, the world’s largest flower garden, Bugattis and Ferraris police cars are all very common in Dubai. However, seeing a golden Lamborghini is something that turns heads. The world most expensive model car, a golden Lamborghini Aventador of scale 1:8, is on sale in an auction with a starting price of $7.5 million in the Arabian metropolis. The manufacturer describes it as a sound investment in the precious metals with enormous potential increase in value. They got that right, as 25 kilograms of gold worth only $1.2 million at the current price, but having a perfect well-made model of a road-monster is something else.

The city also offered dieters a gram of gold for each kilogram (2.2 pounds) of weight they lose over a month in a campaign in August 2013 to fight obesity. The UAE is one of the top 10 countries of the world with high obesity rate, having almost third of the population having health issues due to their overweight. They also offered the biggest 3 weight losers to draw on a gold coin worth over $5,500. That prize is something to hold on to.

A Café in Dubai also offer its customers to serve them gold tea, and by gold I don’t mean just the color. The tea leafs from Asia travel to Germany to be gold-plated with 22 karat gold then moves to Morocco for the final blending before being served to customers in Dubai. It’s not the first time Dubai offers edible gold, as it’s a common to have eatable gold leaves food decorations worldwide, and some of Dubai’s restaurants and coffee shops is no exception. Although gold doesn’t have a taste, the color it gives makes the tea cup something memorable that will certainly change your mood.

Now, Dubai isn’t just a big gold market in the Middle East, where gold bullions, coins and jewelry are sold East and West. The city consumes gold in the most flashy and fashionable way one might think of. These are just few examples of the luxurious life in Dubai.