Lauge Jensen Makes Another Custom Motorcycle, A 24k Gold

jensen gold motorbike

Lauge Jensen is not known for designing his motorbikes in anything but the most innovatory ways.

Around 500 bikes are built per year, with an ordinary cost of 32000 Euros.

Now it seems that Lauge has added a new air of glitziness to these products as the latest bike comes wrapped almost exclusively in 24 carat gold and sprinkled delicately with hundreds of diamonds.

This exact bike is wrapped in 24 carat gold, and hundreds of diamonds; thus the bike costs the price of a yacht.

This motorcycle is more than a bike to be ridden. It is designed more as a showpiece, costing approximately £550,000 as it contains a good few thousand pounds of gold.

There is no word yet on the weight of the showy chopper but our estimate would be it is probably heavy enough to make managing a challenge.

The motorcycle can be ridden straight away, although it is suggested that the future owner should switch the silencers with stock units as the surrounding gold will shortly start to melt on the road.

Losing a few thousand pounds worth of gold isn’t going to bother you if you can have enough money to pay half a million quid on a motorcycle.

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