«Kuwait International» Gallery continues its preparations for the World Gold

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Continue to Kuwait International Fair Company preparations for the establishment of the tenth session of the exhibition gold and jewelery on the land of the global center of international exhibitions preparations huge marketing campaign and a local, regional and international media campaign including all the media print and audio-visual.
On this occasion, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales Meshaal Mohammed Rashed that more than 70 companies and institutions, local and international specialists have confirmed their participation in the exhibition of gold jewelry Global X, where it came from the participating companies from Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy and India.
He said Rashid, adding that his exhibition of gold jewelry Global X had attracted the sponsorship of: Burgan Bank, the Amarkiyz Jewelry, Jewelry Hassan and Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive.
Rashed added that the World Gold Gallery will be held with the participation of: Jewel Jewellery, Jewellery good, Sale of Jewelry, the Jewelry Rene, Abdullatif Al-Mahmeed, a small Art, and Tango, and the Basel Jewelry and corner of the monarchy.
He said Al-Rashed The Kuwait International Fair Company has mobilized all its resources and expertise accumulated in order to hold a new and distinctive in a series of sessions Gallery World Gold which used to attract the largest number of visitors of both sexes, and the major Kuwaiti families are keen to visit the exhibition and follow his activities.
He went on Al-Rashed, stressing keenness of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Ministries of Interior and Finance to provide the necessary support for companies and agencies involved to ensure the success of the exhibition and the achievement of the goals behind his residence, where they help the Ministry of Commerce to issue decisions and laws that allow all to save their rights and the establishment of the exhibition, while providing financial and interior all the necessary facilities to ensure the sale and promotion of products that apply to the acquisition visitors.
He concluded his remarks Rashid, adding that the exhibition hall will be held on 8 and an area of ​​about 6800 square meters and will be the establishment of measures that contribute to the success of the show.