Kuman Thong: The Gold Use in Black Magic Ritual

Real Kuman Thong

Gold, like everything else, can be used for good deeds and evil acts. The uses of gold for the good sake are numerous, but immoral methods of Black Magic that uses gold in its rituals also exist in some parts of this world.

For instance, one of the dark uses of gold is the making of Kuman Thong or Guman Thong, a statue that brings good luck to the owner. It is the reverse concept of “Mummy”, as the dead body used in Kuman Thong brings fortune instead of cursing the owner.

The ritual involves some Necromancy, as it centered on making a statue from unborn corpses. As for the ritual itself, it starts with removing a dead baby form the mother’s womb in a cemetery the roasted dry in a temple before dawn to make the Kuman. The statue, Kuman, then must be lacquered with gold leaf right after casting the spells, putting the magical amulets and talismans.

The term Kuman Thong literary means “the golden young boy”. And the role of gold in this ritual to cancel the curse of the dead body with the help of talismans and have an opposite effect. This item is supposed to be a strong protection charm and brings fortune, according to the cults. It is, to an extent, similar to summoning a guardian angel that fights for the owner’s sake.

This practice was a black magic performed by Thai animists Shamans. The origin of this practice is unknown, as there almost a dark ritual in every ancient culture that uses necromancy and the dead for protection or casting curses. It is illegal but most, if not all, laws of the world and not to mention immoral. However, the ritual inventors used the healing and purifying effect of gold to make this artifact.